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Miami Sleep Program

"It is imperative that we take this problem seriously and offer solutions to empower those who do not sleep to take control of the problem and work towards better sleep and an improved quality of life."

-- Dr. I. Jack Abramson


At the Miami Sleep Program we understand that not being able to sleep can make you feel alone, ashamed and helpless. Sleep problems have long been neglected by the medical community; we are a group of clinicians who are devoted to helping those who suffer from insomnia in a caring and compassionate manner. We believe that insomnia can be a major problem for those who suffer from chronic sleeplessness. We also believe that there is hope with treatment to sleep better, and longer.


Insomnia, or the inability to have adequate sleep, is not a benign problem. Not having good sleep can impact your health, life expectancy, safety, productivity and educational success. People who sleep poorly have increased risk of heart attack, cancer, obesity, and depression.

Causes: Primary vs. Secondary Insomnia

The traditional medical approach is to look for problems such as Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, breathing problems such as COPD, sleepwalking, and Narcolepsy. This kind of insomnia is called Secondary Insomnia and can be treated by targeting the medical conditions on their own. Various interventions such as CPAP machines, supplementary oxygen and medications can help with these conditions. Usually, when properly treated, sleep improves as well.

Insomnia can also be a Primary condition. This means that there is not an identifiable medical condition causing the sleep problem. This insomnia is a disorder itself. Usually, insomnia starts slowly, perhaps because of various stresses causing difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep.


As the problem evolves from mild to chronic, people find that the more they try to fall asleep, the more they fail. This can lead to feeling of anxiety, hopelessness and helplessness. Even the act of going to bed can become distressing and traumatic. This is a normal progression and there is hope.


Our treatment program consists of a 5-week, time limited, multidisciplinary approach to help those suffering from primary insomnia. At this time, we are not accepting patients with secondary insomnia. Please make sure that your Primary Care Physician has ruled out medical causes. Typically this would involve a sleep study.


Beginning with a thorough mental health and sleep evaluation, we will develop an individualized cognitive-behavioral plan of intervention to improve sleep. We will work with you in individual and group sessions to improve your sleep duration, efficiency, and quality.


Our staff includes a board certified, Harvard-trained psychiatrist with 30 years of experience, as well as a multi-disciplinary team of mental health clinicians.

The program fee is $2,500 for the 5-week program. This fee includes the assessment, as well as the follow-up group and individual sessions for the 5-week period. Slots are limited.



Insurance Policy


In order to preserve and optimize the therapeutic alliance, and eliminate interference from outside entities, we do not accept health insurance or Medicare for the sleep program.  


We stand ready to help you with your sleep problem. We are confident that we can work together to improve your sleep.


Please call now to schedule your assessment: (305) 935-4391

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